Light Panel



Creating letters of the alphabet using the translucent geoboard from Modern Teaching Aids
photo 1-2

Colour sorting…

photo 2-2

…and mosaics using the stater kit from Modern Teaching Aids

photo 5

Below, we converted the light panel into a drawing panel using a clear plastic film from Officeworks.  This came on a roll called non-adhesive covering and cost $1.68!   I simply cut it to size and taped around the edge.  We used whiteboard markers which easily rubbed off.  On this occasion I had inspiration for dinosaur drawings on the wall next to the panel and mosaic tiles to create mosaics from the pictures.  This has been used over and over and is still in great shape.  I am considering leaving it on permanently to protect the panel.


photo 1-1


Water beads on the light panel…a slippery experience with opportunities for colour exploration, scooping and encouraging children to be gentle.


photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Me Now used our transparent 3D objects with the water beads to make a rocket ship with people inside.
photo 4



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