About Us

Hi, I’m Stephanie and this is my  Blog ‘At Home Today’.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for helping me set up my first blog.  I am excited about sharing our adventures at home (and out!) with our three boys, aged 6, 3 and 2 (I will update their ages as they have birthdays, they were 6, 3 and 1 when I stared the Blog so if you read older posts you will see them at various stages).  For the purpose of this blog I will call them Me (Mr 6), Me Too (Mr 3) and Me Now (Mr 2), as they have affectionately become known in our family.

I know the grandparents are going to love regular updates about what we have been up to, and blogging is a great form of diary keeping. I know the boys will love reading about their own adventures online.

Our boys are full of energy and ideas, and we love to do many projects at home.  Let me introduce you to our boys…

Me Me (Mr 6)

Mr Me loves science and is always coming up with ideas for experiments.  In my first post I share an experiment…he wanted to find out what is the difference between bubble mix and soap mix.  He is always asking questions about how things work!  He is fast becoming a bookworm as his rapidly increasing reading skills open up possibilities for many new reading adventures.  We find him in all parts of the house with his nose in a book, even walking around the house, in the car, you name it he can read a book there!  This is so great to see, and wonderful when he reads books to his younger brothers (nothing like a simple read to a toddler to develop expression!).  Mr Me’s other interests include Lego, craft and playing outside.  Riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline and role playing are among the activities we find him engrossed in outside.  He loves going to school and often comes home to ‘teach’ his brothers what he has learnt.  He is proud to boast that despite being in Grade 1 he has ‘attended’ three schools…a school to begin his Prep year, some time Homeschooling, and following a move of house he began at his current school.  We hope to stay there for sometime!  Despite this change he has adapted very well and I think acquired many life skills along the way.

Mr Me Too (Mr 3)

Mr Me Too acquired this nickname when he was 9 months old.  He was staying with grandparents when my husband and I went to Hawaii for work (lucky us!).  As you can guess he liked to copy everything his older brother did.  These days he continues to take the lead from his big brother, but also has his own ideas to add.  Yes, boys will be boys and brothers will be brothers..they love each other and love being together…but there can be friction when everyone has something to say and is excited about their ideas…communication is something we are continually practising!  Me Me Too is taking his brother’s lead with reading and this year we are working on a Letter of the Week (more about that another time) and he is beginning to read some words and numbers.  He loves doing his ‘schoolwork’ and is a pleasure to teach (and play with!).  He attends kinder on the same campus as Mr Me’s school.  When he began the teachers were thrilled with how easily he fit in and interacted with the other children.  At times he can be very opinionated and is extremely strong willed, I have to continually find creative methods for using this energy is a positive manner.   Being number two he enjoys many of the same activities as Mr Me.  He is a great help in the kitchen and when he chooses to he takes on a nurturing role with his younger brother.  Being in the middle can have many advantages!

Mr Me Now (Mr 2)

Me Me Now was given his nickname also by grandparents.  He loves to do as his brothers do.  But there is is no time for patience in his eyes, it has to be NOW!  Such is the life of a 1 (or 2) year old, and I have been reminded through many articles recently that children under the age of 2 are not made for being quiet, sitting down, waiting their turn or sharing!  We try to have him do an age appropriate version of what his brothers are doing, alongside them so he feels included.  He can be very LOUD and while we try to encourage quieter voices I think we might have to adjust to a slightly noisier household as everyone wants to be heard!  Two nights ago Mr Me Now decided to sleep on his big brother’s bedroom floor because he wants to be like them.  I think this weekend is going to be spent moving around the bedrooms to accommodate the three boys sharing a bedroom and the other room as a playroom (although we might have to come up with a more interesting name for it than that). Insert…he is now back in his own room, that phase didn’t last long!  This was a big week for him as he also decided to toilet train himself.  In no way did we push this on him, he decided to begin using the toilet and we haven’t looked back!  Big Brothers can be the best influence sometimes!  Mr Me Now loves the ‘bok bok’s’ (our chickens) and well and truly ensures that he is considered as an individual, not just the youngest child who follows along.

So what is this blog about…???

I have many ideas for this blog, and I am sure that time will add more diversity than I can imagine right now.

  • To begin I am going to share our morning activities.  Each morning the boys complete an activity at the breakfast table which I set up the night before.  This began over a year ago to supplement Mr Me’s work at school and distract them while I prepared breakfast!  The boys love their morning activity and Mr Me Too will ask with his best frowning face ‘where’s my activity’ if I have missed putting it out! They range from academic reading and numeracy to problem solving, fine motor development, craft activities, any activity that takes around 10 minutes.  I have a photo collection to begin my blog.
  • We also love to travel and sometimes have the opportunity to join my husband’s work trips.  We recently returned from a week away where we had a ball holidaying, the kids had fun at Kids Club, and continuing our activities the boys kept scrapbook ‘chat books’ of their holiday.
  • In the kitchen we are adapting to whole food ‘scratch’ cooking using out Thermomix.  Mr Me Too has had many challenges with food tolerance since he was born. Last year we committed to eating preservative, additive, colour and artificial flavour free.  We are enjoying an entirely new menu of food all prepared with fresh ingredients and the health benefits have been significant!  We have noticed changes with our boys behaviour, reduction of eczema, and I have felt better in ways I hadn’t realised were affecting me.

So at the title suggests I hope to share many ideas, experiences and thoughts about parenting, eating and life.

I hope you enjoy the journey with us!

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