Back into it after the holidays





We love school holidays! I think they should be longer!  Our favourite aspect of holidays would have to be having Mr Me at home. Time to ‘chill out’ as a family, play, do whatever takes our fancy each day…our boys love being at home, being together and creating their own fun. This is what kids have done for eternity and I want to ensure our boys have every opportunity for fun and play and getting messy and exploring instead of being drawn into the lure of technology.    We did get away to Sovereign Hill and had the pleasure of experiencing the Christmas in July displays and evening presentation. A great atmosphere!


Having more time at home also lent itself to a good tidy up and declutter. I am still in the process of organising a new ‘play area’ and trying to achieve a balance between creating a fun and practical, attractive space with enough storage to keep our things and display a small number of toys for current use. I am hoping for a few hours to myself to add the finishing touches!


So this week we are ‘back into it’ and enjoying a fresh new space.

I didn’t have a particular plan for this week, but as usual the boys have taken the lead with their own ideas and I have provided opportunities to ‘expand’ their enthusiasm.

We love The Gruffalo and have tickets to the live show coming up.  Me Now has been reading the book (well, listening to us read) over and over…and over.  So I set up a space to make the Gruffalo forest using items from around the house.  The basket holds pieces from our nature box and our beautiful wooden blocks are very versatile (available from Eco Toys).


Once the boys had started to build the forest I added pebbles in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  Me Now really enjoyed the pebbles…talking about how they feel using the words ‘smooth’ and ‘cold’.  New vocab and a new use of a familiar word.  We also did pastel drawing of the Gruffalo, Me Too was particularly focussed looking at The Gruffalo’s body parts and thinking about how he could draw them and then cutting him out and placing him in the forest.



On the second day we sat down together and retold the story…you can see how we created the forest using pebbles for the path and each part that the animals stopped in…log pile house for the snake, tree for the owl, river…



Our next idea…homemade glue…came from a Blog I was reading

Me Too had a ball adding the ingredients and being a scientist watching as the mixture changed from liquid to a gooey solid.  We then used it for a cut and paste activity.


Our cut and paste stemmed from our letter of the week which is ‘Q’.  A tricky letter to be creative with, especially with a boy who isn’t really interested in queens!  He was however interested in learning a new word for blanket…quilt.  He is demonstrating a new understanding of the english language, realising that words can have more than one meaning, or in this case multiple words can describe the same item.  We cut out triangles from our box of recycled pictures and used them to create a quilt pattern.  This took considerable thinking about where to place the next triangle and Me Too was up for the challenge.  This boy has amazing persistence and concentration when he chooses to use it!






We have also been making quilt patterns with mosaic tiles, simple patterns for Me Too and more complex square based patterns for Mr Me.

So that is our week so far, it is only Tuesday but I think with the rainy weather the rest of the week will be left to continue the cubby house creations they began today…kids and sheets over a table…what a fun way to spend a cold winter day.

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